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Script Reading Success: Echo 8's Prequel and Sequel Journey

It's been 8 months since we screened 'Echo 8' to the public, and today marks a milestone for our very first script table reading for Echo 8's prequel movie 'Five By Five' and its sequel 'Echo 8 Beyond,' with our budding actors, producers, filmmakers, and enthusiasts. I'm grateful for our turnout of around 40 participants from four countries: the US, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong. Special thanks to Arts Cultural Exchange (ACE) for providing us with the technical space for the reading. The reading process went well, and we had a feedback form in place to collect anonymous feedback on both our scripts. These scripts were written in just two weeks by the phenomenal screenwriter Elizabeth H. Vu, who provided an edgy first draft that contained all the elements to make an entertaining film. The feedback was useful as it provided us with data on what was appealing or confusing in the story and its characters. As a director, I truly appreciate our budding a

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