Echo 8 Trilogy: Five By Five & Beyond Double Script Table Reading

In a wonderful step forward for Australian cinema, an exciting double script table reading event is on the horizon. This special event marks the next chapter in the journey that began with the success of 'Echo 8,' a film that touched hearts and garnered international recognition after its heartwarming community screening in Fairfield.

This time around, Elizabeth H. Vu, the talented writer behind the trilogy, has crafted two new scripts in just eight months – a prequel named 'Five By Five' and a sequel titled 'Echo 8 Beyond.' These scripts promise to take us deeper into the characters' lives and expand the world they inhabit.

The main aim of the upcoming script table reading is to bring together a diverse group of creative minds from Australia and around the world. By doing so, the event hopes to encourage collaboration and gather a wide range of perspectives on how these scripts can come to life on the big screen. This transparency in the project's development is a vital part of the process.

'Five By Five' will provide us with insight into the characters' beginnings and motivations, while 'Echo 8 Beyond' will continue their journey in exciting and unexplored directions. Through strong themes of empowerment and thrilling action, these films are poised to offer something truly special in the world of cinema.

As the anticipation builds and the film industry looks forward to this remarkable event, the double script table reading signifies an important milestone for Australian filmmaking. With Elizabeth H. Vu's creative vision leading the way and a team of talented individuals supporting the project, the trilogy is set to not only redefine action movies but also shine a light on the incredible contributions of women in film.



SYNOPSIS: Set three decades prior to 'Echo 8,' the prequel 'Five By Five' unveils the enigmatic Agent 5's grief-stricken existence and his gradual spiral into chaos while climbing Zodiac's hierarchy.


SYNOPSIS: After the occurrences of 'Echo 8,' Anna finds herself pursued by lethal Zodiac operatives tasked with her termination. Living off-grid, she shields her mother from a distance. However, her identity is exposed when she crosses paths with a group of misfits.

Echo 8 Trilogy is produced by Phoenix Eye Pty Ltd and the double script table reading have been proudly supported by PYT Fairfield & Arts & Cultural Exchange (ACE)