Welcome to the Echo 8 Odyssey Blog: Join Maria Tran, Takashi Hara, and Elizabeth H Vu on an Epic Cinematic Journey

Scene in 'Echo 8' Movie (2023)

Get ready for an exciting ride as we introduce you to the Echo 8 Odyssey Blog – your backstage pass to the captivating world of the Echo 8 cinematic trilogy. That's three movies (action genre, 90 mins) made with the independent spirit of filmmaking that the makers are envisioning.

If you share our excitement for this monumental project, you're in for an adventure that takes you behind the scenes, into the minds of the brilliant creators, and onto the front lines of storytelling innovation.

Meet the Visionaries
Leading the charge are the dynamic talents of Maria Tran, Takashi Hara, and the visionary screenwriter Elizabeth H Vu. These remarkable individuals are no strangers to groundbreaking cinema. You might recognize them from their exceptional work on Australia's first independent female-led movie, "Echo 8" made on a nano budget of $8,000USD.

Continuing the Cinematic Legacy 
But the story doesn't end there. Maria Tran, Takashi Hara, and Elizabeth H. Vu are teaming up once again to push the boundaries of storytelling with the upcoming Echo 8 trilogy. This isn't just a sequel – it's an entirely new adventure filled with imagination, empowerment, and uncharted territories.

Join Us Behind the Curtain
Inside the Echo 8 Odyssey Blog, you're invited to witness the magic behind the scenes. We're offering exclusive access to interviews, sneak peeks, and insider insights that unveil the journey of crafting this cinematic masterpiece.

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Exciting news, everyone! We've launched a brand-new news portal – "ECHO 8 ODYSSEY: CHRONICLES OF A CINEMATIC TRILOGY." Here, we'll be keeping you up-to-date with all things 'Echo 8.' as well as other offshoot films and projects that these creatives are embarking on. Follow us there to ensure you're always in the loop on the latest developments.

Ambitious and Worth the Effort! 
Echo 8 isn't just a trilogy; it's a visionary expedition led by the underdogs of the indie filmmaking scene. Through this journey, we'll be showcasing the 'how tos' of going from creating a feature film on a modest budget of 8k USD to embarking on the creation of a full trilogy by 2025. Ambitious? Absolutely! Is it worth the effort? Heck yeah!

Engage, Share, Connect 
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Stay Tuned for Updates 
Keep an eye on this space for updates, exclusive content drops, and announcements that will keep your anticipation soaring. The Echo 8 trilogy promises an unforgettable experience, and we're honored to have you join us on this incredible journey.

Thank you for being part of this cinematic adventure. Let the Echo 8 Odyssey begin!

Warmly, The Echo 8 Odyssey Team